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Medicinal Herbs
Patchouli Leaves Medicinal Herb
Rajasthan Herbles is a leading manufacturer and exporter of purest herbs and herbal extracts. One of the major products which we supply is the leaves of Patchouli. Patchouli leaves are beneficial in the case of dysentery, diarrhea, colds without fevers, vomiting, and nausea. The essential oil may be used to treat acne, dry skin, fungal infections, dermatitis, dandruff and eczema. Our patchouli herbs are known worldwide.

Medicinal Herbs
Peganum Harmala Medicinal Herb
We, Rajasthan Herbles, with immense industry experience are manufacturing, supplying and exporting various range of medicinal herbs, including excellent quality of Peganum harmala. It is used in incenses, as a pigment and it is known to be used as a potent aphrodisiac. In medical uses it helps against baldness, period aches, worms and lice. It is also used as an analgesic and antiinflammatory agent.

Medicinal Herbs
Peony Root Medicinal Herb
Rajasthan Herbles is a remarkable name in the herbal industry because of its excellent quality and timely deliveries. We are one of the major exporter and supplier of Peony roots. Peony roots are useful extract for treating gout and asthma. It also possess analgesic properties by the virtue of which it has also been used by various herbalists to relieve headaches, gastric pain, and bladder infections.

Medicinal Herbs
Pharbitis Seed Medicinal Herb
Rajasthan Herbles is globally acclaimed company engaged in the export of Pharbitis seeds. With many years of experience, the company has gained immense expertise for processing, marketing and exporting its medicinal herbs to different countries. Pharbitis seed is used in the treatment of various mental disorders. It is used in the treatment of oliguria, ascariasis, oedema and constipation. The seed is also used as a contraceptive. The pounded plant is used as a hair wash to rid the hair of lice. We are wll known suppliers of high quality pharbitis seeds.

Medicinal Herbs
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